As minimalists, we have pared-down what a wallet is in an effort to reduce clutter, streamline, and to celebrate the beauty of metalworking.  The Novo Design wallet is comprised of two metal components: a Core, and a Vise prepped and fused together with slow cure, high strength epoxy.

The Core is the central member of the wallet, and features a solid I-beam design, machined from solid 6061-T6 aluminum.  Each Core is anodized in your choice of three different hues- LUX, ASHEN and NOX.  Anodizing the aluminum forms a protective coating on the aluminum to add resiliency, scratch resistance and color.

The LUX Core (top) is the brightest of the three hues with a brushed silver appearance.

The ASHEN Core (right) is a dark gray/green hue that closest resembles the appearance of a brushed gunmetal.

The NOX Core (left) is the darkest of the three hues  with a brushed black polish appearance.

The Vise is the stainless steel spring that clamps your items in place in a remarkable fashion.  Each Vise is cut to shape with a waterjet, work hardened, and then hand formed to fit seamlessly with the Core.  There are two different Vise finishes to choose from- MIRO and TITAN.

Vise Finish.png

The MIRO finish is the result of careful hand brushing that exposes a linear grain structure on the stainless steel.  We have recently added a protective coating of Chrome Nitride (CrN) to increase the scratch resistance and resiliency of the Miro vise.

The TITAN finish is our premium titanium aluminum nitride (TiAlN) coating- a dark, patina'd hue that adds unmatched scratch resistance to the hand brushed stainless steel Vise.


Both the MIRO and TITAN finishes are applied with a process known as PVD (physical vapor deposition).  Why did we choose these expensive finishes?  Not only do the finishes allow the brushed grain appearance to show through but they also reduce wear on the large surfaces of the stainless steel Vise.  The PVD finishes are so effective that they are used on the milling machine tools that were used to cut the aluminum Cores.  They are also found on transmission gears, engine parts and a variety of the most expensive watches on the market.  We were looking for the best protection for the vise and these finishes are definitely of the highest caliber.