Minimalist metal wallets made with aluminum and stainless steel.  Protect your cards from RFID theft by sliding the chip beneath the stainless steel vise.


A quick update, I’ve been using the wallet for a good week or so now. It’s wonderful, there’s a nice heft, all my friends are jealous and want to know where to buy ... Getting cards in an out are a breeze and the stainless steel vice is so awesome. One of the issues I had with money clips is that the NYC metrocard is flimsy and when I have a few cards in there it’s hard to slip back into the clip. It’s so easy in this wallet but the wallet still has great hold! I’ve got a bunch of cards and some cash in it. Awesome product guys!
— Jack Y. , New York
Received mine today. I was surprised how strong the vise is, but it also allows cards to be entered and removed easily. Great job! Love the wallet.
— Connie A. , Toronto

Nox Titan metal wallet by The Novo Design

The Novo Design metal wallet was designed to make sorting and using your wallet as efficient and attractive as possible by integrating a Core machined from solid aluminum with a hand formed stainless steel Vise.  

The Core guides and organizes your belongings while the Vise clamps them securely.