The NOVO: Perfection in the Details

Designed, crafted and assembled at our humble 800 square foot shop in Minnesota, every NOVO wallet is produced in small batches and limited quantities to ensure a higher quality product. This isn’t the most economical approach, but to us, it’s certainly the most fulfilling.

Our Process

We control as much of the process as we can, from the machining of the aluminum cores to the forming of the steel vises one by one on the manual sheet metal brake. Our level of precision is impressive - 10 thousandths of an inch to be exact. The thickness of printer paper is roughly 4 thousandths of an inch.

Each core and vise are hand brushed to a perfect finish for the final touch before being sent out for anodizing and plating.  When the cores arrive back, we personally laser-etch every wallet with our neighboring shop’s laser marker.  Next, after being meticulously inspected for defects, the core and vise are prepared and adhered together into the final product. The NOVO wallet is born.

Our Commitment

Every NOVO wallet embodies our commitment to minimalist design and responsibly-sourced materials. That’s why the few processes that are not done in shop are sourced locally to support those around us and to provide better, quality results.


Your NOVO is not just any metal wallet, but a singular, modern piece for your singular, modern lifestyle.


Please join us and support the hard working American dream.